Store Your Documents
effectively and simple.

If you have done research on ECM , you do know that zeroing down to
one solutions is infact difficult . Meet Windream ECM , All in one system to Manage ,
Archive and Automate Documents .

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Management System

Scan , Index , Store , Search , Version & OCR any type / extension of documents at merely a click of a button .


Store your older documents in bulk and retrieve them using Full Text Recognition Feature

Business Process Automation

Creating a process within has never been this easy ! Create a process by just Drag & Drop .


Store all invoices of the organisation onto one central repository & access .


Keep track of all types of contracts such as expiry period . Get custom alerts.


Sign documents digitally with just a click of a button .

Isn't it difficult to use like all others ?

Not at All , It's OS Integrated !

  • Ease of Access : No more lengthy trainings . Access your documents just like you used to do .
  • Login : Keeping track of passwords has always been a difficulty . Windream uses Active Directory Authentication to authenticate a session .
  • Dashboards: Windream doesn't have a dashboard for basic tasks . With the Patented VFS Technology simply drag and drop your files into the VFS drive .

“ I always hated logging in multiple times . I had to keep track of so many passwords , infact i lost track ! With windream , all i need to do is login once normally ! ”

Ahmed Mohey , Sales Manager @ Emirates Industrial City

Unique Features

Reasons to choose Windream

All of the features shown below are captured from actual systems . The properties tab below is infact the actual tab provided by the OS .

Full Text OCR Recognition

Generates a OCR of the document despite of the format .cad/.docx/.pdf etc .


Update files without actually saving them as a new document . Revert back at any point of time


Life Cycle Management

Determine how long a document has to be in Edit mode / Archive Mode / Deletion Period .

RMS & Active History Tracking

Keep a track of your documents and manage rights of users in Active directory .

Universal Communicator

Hey there , I can talk to all your daily apps !

  • 3rd Party Apps : Autocad , Sharepoint , DAX , CoreDraw , Microsoft Office Apps and much more .
  • Emails : Outlook , Office 365 Exchange .
  • Resource Management : SAP , Oracle , Orion , Dynamics & pretty much anything that has either a database or can generate an XML Feed .
  • Scan Devices : Typically all scan devices which has TWAIN Support . This doesn't stop you from using other scanners .
  • Web & Mobile Devices : Access your files via either a web browser privately or use Windream Mobile App to access it from your device directly .

With the patented architechture of the application , our developers have made sure to take a leap interms of integration . " Windream can literally talk to any of your apps even if it is custom built "

You’re in good Hands !

Trusted by more than 100,000 businesses and organizations. It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted.


Windream ECM was tested on Architecture, Archiving, Administration, Document Import, Meta-Data and Files, Retrieval, Working with Documents, Workflow and E-Mail Management out of which 9/11 come out to be 100 % .

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